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Characteristics and selection method of rubber injection machine?
Rubber injection machine is a technology for the production of rubber molding products. It is mainly used for the production of rubber molding products. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad. At present, there are many types of injection machines in the world, such as plunger type and screw type, hydraulic type and mechanical type, direct pressure type, hydraulic mechanical type and secondary action type and so on.
Rubber injection machine is widely used in the production of rubber injection molding products: automobile damping system accessories, air spring, tire capsules, power transmission insulators, lightning arrester, cable accessories, rubber seals, medical devices, chemical valves, soles and industrial and mining shoes, casters, small tires, navigation and aerospace industry, electronic communications and other silicone, rubber products molding production.
Rubber injection machine can create a variety of shapes, injection molding is the method of manufacturing plastic products, very popular plastic products injection molding use, the main characteristics of rubber injection machine:
1. The injection molding method simplifies the production process. To achieve rapid and uniform vulcanization of rubber products, shorten the production cycle.
2. The product size is accurate, stable physical and mechanical properties, high quality, forming vulcanization of thick wall products is especially suitable.
3. Improve production efficiency, high pass rate; Products less raw edge, no need to trim; Less loss, save glue material.
4. The operation is simple, the labor intensity is reduced, the service life of the mold is improved, the mechanization and automation degree is high.

It can be seen that the influence of different quality of rubber injection machine on the product is very large, and the advantage of choosing the right rubber injection molding machine is very large. First of all, in terms of speed, the injection molding process of the rubber injection machine is also very fast compared to other molding processes, a complete injection molding process takes very little time, which makes more products will produce the same mold. Second is the automation aspect, injection molding is a highly automated process, most injection molding machines can be run through a single operator. As a result, little overhead will go into paying for the labor involved in an injection molding process.

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